We are currently closed to general submissions, however, we would welcome contributions to the potential forthcoming publications below on female/non-bianary late autism diagnosis, and intuition.
We are also always happy to provide support to ND writers and offer free feeback on works in progress. We are particularly interested in the work of POC, non-binary writers.

A collection of stories from female/non-binary/POC autistics, as well as contributions by autistic medical professionals.

AUT SENSE On Autistic Empathy, Love and Intuition
Stories by autistics and autistic medical professionals. Challenging stereotypes and misunderstandings surrounding autistic communication and sensitivity, and unearthing the intuitive abilities of autistics.


Submissions can be approx 1000-2000 words but there is no fixed length. Pieces selected may be revised in consultation with the writer and will be checked for sensitivity/edited before publishing.
You may write whatever is meaningful to you but would also help others. Focus on your journey to diagnosis / the impact of your relationships on your development - positive as well as negative. We are also very interested in sensory experiences, such as precognition, hearing voices or 'unusual' sensory episodes, synesthesia etc - and how these have helped, hindered, or led to mental health issues / misdiagnosis.

Email your submission by August 2021.

We actively seek, support and publish the work of underrepresented artists and writers. We also welcome self diagnosed autistics/NDs.

Also feel free to contact us if you have a book idea, need advice, or would like to submit a manuscript for consideration. Whatever stage you are at, we can provide free honest, critical and creative feedback to get you on track.