OUT 4 October 2021
'GOALKEEPER: Memoir of Poet Peter Street
(Games, Secrets, Epilepsy & Love)'

One 'alone, but not lonely' boy's triumph over adversity, motivated by his dream of becoming a professional footballer and a longing for truth and connection.

Street's childhood memoir is a sensitive and honest portrayal, through a poetic autistic lens, of growing up with undiagnosed autism and epilepsy in an unconventional family during the 1950s and 60s. A unique and vivid social document of the period, highlighting much of the discrimination still faced by minority and disabled communities today.


A neurodiverse cli-fi adventure by N.E. McMorran for readers 10+, is out NOW in paperback, ebook and audio!
Endorsements and 5* reviews from Steve Silbermann, Dr Judith Gould, Chris Raschka, James Sinclair, Christa Holmans, Temple Grandin, Week Junior, Your Autism(NAS) and others...

If Nema can't uncover a lost boy's true identity in time they may never escape the sticky world he designed...

A neurodivergent team (autistic, dyslexic, adhd, downsyndrome, parents of ND children) voiced the AUDIOBOOK, adapted and directed by the author, recorded and produced in collaboration with 'The Monostery', in London July 2020:

Ria Lina, Indica Watson, Becky Davis, Sam Palmer, Simon Marchant, Tracy Foster, Harry Thompson, David Watson, Errol Kerr, Ciarán McGlynn, Tilley Milburn, Jack Monaghan, Emily Burke, Catti Goodbody, Duckie Moriarty, Jaz Bigden, Jordan Esau, Mohamed Sillah.

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